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Charging Lights



  • Official comment

    Hi Matthias, thanks for your feedback! That's weird - it should charge with all USB-C cables, indistinctly if it's the FARO original cable or any other that you might have at home. If the problem persists, please shoot us an email at to see if we can help.


  • mlbecker

    Trying 5 different cables I can confirm that all are changing. One cable was hard to plug in, that was causing the charging issue.

  • steven vandenbussche

    1 problem counts for all helmets. i had the last 18years

    during winter its cold. So here (in belgium) we realy need a bonnet or a hood. But that makes the cycling helmets
    - want fit annymore around 
    - bonnet and helmet slides off

    current solution? i use a ski helmet?
    new problem?
    - ski helmets don 't have lights
    - extra expenses
    - ears to hard cover. so i can't understand enyboddy talking during trafic

    so FARO  please make an all in one helmet
    - a bonnet that fits but removable to use the helmet in the summer. (and ofcourse we can wash it from time to time
    built-in goggles  are nice during rain, snow or sunny wether

    now i se other brands only half the prise whit extra nice features. (must haves in the 300$ prise of a faro helmet)

    - gps taking helps to find lost or stolen helmet
    - Bluetooth kit for calls, music,...
    - walky-talky function could help us speaking to family and friends during sports
    - hard rate monitor
    - sos funtion.  acellerometer used as crash detector, to check if u are ok.  if you are not conscious it cals for help and sends your gps location end health status to your friends and/or ambulance

    (more inspiration on brands like LIVALL,  Lumos,...)


  • Matt

    Hi steven vandenbussche, how are you? Thanks so much for all your feedback & suggestions! We'll definitely bring everything to the table. Our designers will be delighted to read your comments and work with them towards some new helmet developments!


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